About Us


The Building Blocks Foundation aims to improve the educational experience for students who are economically challenged and are homeless. We want to improve students’ morale by providing the means to dress like their peers, in NEW clothing that fits properly. We want every student to be afforded the opportunity to learn and think freely. We believe that if a student feels good about themselves, it can help boost their confidence, which will increase their ability to learn. By outfitting bright futures, we hope to help children change their future and the financial status. 


Homelessness in the New York City Public Schools is up over 22% since 2016. That is over 111,000 children of the total 1.1 million students currently enrolled. The Building Blocks Foundation in partnership with the NYC Department of Education Community Schools Program works to provide new clothing for students throughout the most impacted schools. The foundation seeks to help improve the student moral and the overall learning experience by giving children in need, clean and adequate clothing so they can feel good about themselves and learn freely. Hereby “outfitting bright futures” which is the foundation's motto.    


  • Homeless students among NYC Public Schools is up 22% since 2016
  • The total number of homeless children are over 105,445 in NYC. 
  • 1 out of 8 students SY ’14-’15 were reported homeless since SY ’11-15, over 127,000 students
    • This exceeds the number of students in the city of Boston and Seattle combined
  • 78% of children affected are in  K-8